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Company :ITWORX
City :Cairo
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Industries :
Education, training
Research and development
Services other
Social, public and human services
Temporary work, recruitment
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Company Description

ITWorx WorkZen is a Sitecore-powered digital workplace that makes employees happier by driving engagement with personalized content in context, increasing productivity with a wide range of enterprise app connectors, and helping achieve work-life balance with instant access to moments that matter and notification management.

Ideally suited for today’s global and mobile workforce, WorkZen connects people, teams, enterprise apps, and business units across the world and empowers organizations with live enterprise-wide insights.

  • SEE: Consumerizing employee experience with personalization
  • DO: Increasing productivity with actionable tasks
  • LIVE: Better work-life balance with moments that matter
  • TRACK: Live enterprise-wide insights and usage analytics