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Company :SPLENTO
City :London
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United Kingdom
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IT, software engineering, Internet
Marketing, communication, media
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Company Description

When it comes to making an occasion a lasting memory — or an effective marketing tool — you need an experienced professional you can trust.

For perfect photos and video, Splento brings its experience and uncompromising professionalism to your event, taking world-class photographs and video, editing, finishing and delivering to you. Within 48 hours. Guaranteed.

That’s right — we don’t just take the photographs, we retouch them as well. So, your perfect moment becomes your perfect image.

Splento is an ever-growing database of multi-lingual professionals. Whatever your occasion, we have it covered — from a family shoot to a graduation ceremony, a corporate conference to a product launch — providing a guaranteed end-to-end service, even at short notice.

Splento is not just access to premier photography and video, but all other professional services behind the lens. In today’s world, a photograph is not just a picture, it is a moment in time captured, enhanced, stored and delivered.

Splento is developing the coolest photo-sharing app with unique features – and we are now rolling it out across the globe.

We've taken the best from Instagram, WhatsApp and Dropbox, mixed them together, added strong security and some creative magic.

The result? The Splento App - a social network for sharing family photos.

Splento is a messaging app with a focus on sharing, storing and interacting with photos and videos from the people you care most about. 

Not some influencer advertisements, product promos from celebrities, funny videos from random strangers or cheeky GIFs in numerous WhatsApp groups, but your most precious moments from the most important people in your life - your friends and family! 

It’s like an interactive digital equivalent of your physical photo album, but with regular updates.

The app is super-fast, simple, multilingual, free and doesn’t take any space on your device. Everything is in the cloud. You can use Splento on all your devices at the same time — your photos and videos sync seamlessly across any number of your phones, tablets or computers.

Furthermore, the service is built with schools, camps, events, holiday trips, amusement parks, concerts and sporting events in mind, so that if any photos or videos of you and your family have been taken at those places - you - and no one else - can get these delivered straight to your account in the most private and secure way. 

And most importantly - the app is built with everyone in mind, not just Gen-Zs, for whom smartphones are extensions of their bodies. Many Gen Xs, Ys, millennials and Baby Boomers are not as tech-savvy as the younger generation, but for them seeing photos of their siblings, children, grandchildren and closest friends always makes their day! Every day. 

So we decided to build our app with a user experience that is suitable for each group: younger tech-savvy users have more features with all the bells & whistles, whereas older folks - who get TikTok videos sent to their WhatsApp groups - have much simpler interfaces and more accessible interfaces.